ACP Wind Down: Internet Provider Plan and Contact Information!

ACP Wind Down Information
Apr 10, 2024
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Information on Internet Service Provider Information and Plans re: the end of ACP

Keep checking this page, we're continuing to build this list as we research!

*Reminder: is a great resource to help residents search for affordable plans at their address

For more resources regarding the ACP Wind Down, lots of helpful documents available here or at this QR code:

ACP Wind Down Resource Folder


  • You are approved for ACP but will not be applying your ACP benefit to Access from AT&T.
  • You want to apply directly with AT&T for the Access from AT&T program without the ACP benefit.





Metro PCS by T-Mobile:

  • To help in the transition, Metro by T-Mobile will provide existing ACP customers with a $15 discount for three months through August. We will keep you informed about updates as August approaches.
  • When ACP ends, your Metro discount begins. Starting in June, you will receive up to $15/mo. off your bill through August. Just keep your current ACP line active to continue receiving this discount.
  • If a customer receives an auto-pay discount: There are no changes to your AutoPay discount, which is an additional $5 per account. You can view the line breakdown in My Account or call Care with additional assistance at 1-888-8Metro8.
  • Support Line: 1-888-8Metro8



  • When you transfer your ACP benefit to qualifying Verizon Home Internet services, you’ll automatically qualify for Verizon Forward. If ACP ends, you will no longer receive the ACP monthly discount of up to $30/month but will continue to receive the Verizon Forward discount. Starting on 02.08.24, Verizon Home Internet customers on select plans may be eligible for our Verizon Forward discount of up to $20/month. 
  • There are several internet plan options available with discounts through Verizon Forward that can be $20.00 or less. View the above link and scroll to ‘Prices with Programs Applied’


Mobile Phone Offers:

DART/Assurance Wireless Cell Phone Program: [note their list of events to enroll and receive phones]


AT&T: See info above and toggle to the mobile phone tab for deals for this service


Boost Mobile:




Metro PCS by T-Mobile: